2021 Sylvan Mirage X3 LZ

A 2021 Sylvan Mirage cruising on the lake.

The all-new 2021 Sylvan Mirage X3 LZ is as luxurious as the L series but is affordable.

2021 Sylvan Mirage X3 LZ Pontoon Boat At A Glance:

      • 22’10” overall length

      • 8.5′ wide

      • 3 full-length 25” diameter pontoons

      • PR25 performance package is standard

      • 60 gal fuel

      • Hydraulic steering

      • Yamaha 150 outboard

      • 4-step stainless steel boarding ladder off the rear ski deck

      • Ski tow bar

      • Humminbird Helix 5 GPS

      • Abundant storage

    Layout, Storage, and the Classic Sylvan Pontoon Look

    The 2021 Sylvan Mirage X3 LZ has that traditional seating layout with your full aisle down the center, plus upgraded upholstery on every seat. Underneath all of the seats, you’ll find hinged cushions open to lots of storage for your towels and tubes. The duel captain’s chairs offer front-faced swivel-seating for both your captain and co-captain.

    This premium cruising boat comes standard with striking black anodized rails at the transom and black rails on the bimini top. Skier’s Marine includes a nice woven floor on all of our Sylvans (including this one), so your entire pontoon is pleasing to the eye from top to bottom.

    At the transom, you’ll find your standard 4-step stainless boarding ladder and a deluxe ski tow bar to help stabilize anyone standing near the motor well. The ski tow bar is the perfect spot to tie off your husband’s ski rope or your kids’ tube lines.

    Sylvan Pontoons Use Hydraulic Steering

    To make your day on the lake even more enjoyable, the 2021 Sylvan Mirage X3 LZ includes an upgraded hydraulic steering wheel, a soft track mat under the captain’s chair, and a fully visible gauge package that includes a four-speaker Bluetooth stereo so you can blast some Kenny Chesney or Baby Shark all day long. Also, at the helm, we option all of our X3 LZs with the Hummingbird Helix 5 GPS. It’s great for fish tracking and entering waypoints for your favorite spots on the lake.

    When cruising into the sunset, the 25” pontoons break waves with ease giving everyone inside a smooth ride. There is very little bow rise at every speed, and each turn is stable and precise with the quiet Yamaha 150.

    The last important feature on the Mirage X3 LZ is the perfect spot for your day cooler and snack storage – inside the helm! It’s out of the way yet easily accessible. No more asking Grandpa to move so you can grab a bottle of water from under-seat storage. Sylvan’s Mirage X3 LZ makes cruising life a breeze while maximizing the time with family and friends!

    The 2021 Sylvan Mirage X3 LZ offers a long list of standard features that make it the best-valued pontoon. Interested? Come in today to any of our dealerships to see this awesome pontoon in person, along with many other boats for sale.

    What is a pontoon boat?

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    A pontoon boat is a flat-bottomed boat that has two or more airtight compartments below the deck that are filled with air to provide buoyancy. The pontoons are usually joined to each other and the boat’s deck by an aluminum frame. The frame connects to the motor and steering system to operate a gasoline or electric motor.

    One of the main advantages of pontoons boats is their stability. The wide body and multiple pontoons (or tritoons) provide a stable platform less likely to capsize or tip over. This design makes them an excellent choice for those new to boating or with children or elderly passengers. The large deck area also makes accessing the water for swimming, fishing, or other activities easy.

    Pontoons boats are also known for their easy maneuverability. The wide body and multiple pontoons provide plenty of grip in the water, making them easy to turn and control. This wide body makes them great for navigating tight areas or shallow water. Additionally, pontoons boats are usually equipped with brakes and reverse, making them easy to stop and turn around if necessary. Pontoons boats come in various sizes and styles to suit different needs.

    Smaller pontoon boats are suitable for fishing or cruising. In comparison, larger boats are great for tubing, skiing, and other activities. Pontoons boats have many options, such as a Bimini top, built-in coolers, and stereo systems.

    Pontoon boats require less maintenance than other types of boats. The aluminum construction of the frame and pontoons is rust-resistant, making them an excellent choice for those who don’t have the time or inclination to spend much time on maintenance.

    Overall, pontoons boats are an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the water. They are stable, easy to maneuver, and require less maintenance than other boats. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them perfect for a variety of activities. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a beginner, a pontoon boat can be a great way to get out on the water.P

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