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Why Finance with Skier's Marine?

How about financing to match your boating experience? Like that carefree mindset you have out on the water, we will ensure that you float away with the same philosophy regarding your buying experience.

Here at Skier’s Marine, we don’t just see ourselves as boating and watersports enthusiasts but as dream builders. We want to help those who want to experience life on the water in their new boat. If you wish to finance a new or pre-owned boat, whether it be a MasterCraftSupraMoombaBoston WhalerChaparralSylvan, or Crest, our finance team will ensure that you are in good hands. We currently work with several banks and will work diligently to find your best option. No matter your needs, Skier’s Marine will tailor a package that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our team is thrilled to get the opportunity to help you set up a boat financing plan that gets you out on the water in your new or pre-owned boat as soon as possible.

Moreover, we at Skier’s Marine are committed to treating you fairly, with honesty and integrity, and we want to earn your respect every step. A member of our finance team will reach out to you so that you get a much more personalized experience. What does this do for you? It takes the stress off of you and lets you be worry-free while hitting the water in your new boat. We offer additional options to protect your investment and ease your mind. Rest assured that we can pinpoint the best options and coverages for you, as our finance team members are previous or current boat owners. We will only offer you what we believe is necessary. Our finance team works directly with our product specialist so that we have an idea of what coverage will be best for your adventures. Our goal is not only to find the right plan for you but to ensure that you are enhancing the value of your new boat.

Buying a boat should not be stressful. Skiers Marine ensures that it never becomes your worry but ours. You will have a new boat to be used and waters to be on- just be sure to send a picture and share your adventures with us. Click the link below to apply for boat financing. 

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Boat Financing Q & A

  • What Are The Terms When Financing A Boat?

Unlike car loans, which typically last a few years, boat loans can last up to 20 years for amounts over $50,000. This extended duration helps manage monthly payments, making boat ownership more accessible. 

  • Should I Finance Or Pay Cash?

When buying a boat, many assume that paying upfront with cash is the most straightforward and financially sound option. However, financing can also be advantageous. Even if you can afford to pay for the boat in full, exploring financing options could be wise. Life is unpredictable, and unforeseen expenses can arise at any moment. By financing your boat, you can use the bank’s capital instead of depleting your own.

  • How Much Do I Need To Put Down?

Yes, it is possible to find lenders that offer financing options with zero money down for your dream boat. However, it is essential to note that such options may only be available for some boats or borrowers. Most lenders prefer a down payment of 10-20%, which is reasonable and demonstrates your commitment to the purchase while keeping initial costs manageable. 

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