The All-New 2023 MasterCraft XT24

A family is using the surfing system on the XT24.

Are you looking to experience unreal behind-the-boat performance, bold looks, and some of the best reliability in the industry? MasterCraft has brought all of those into the all-new 2023 MasterCraft XT24. With room for 17 people, the XT24 offers the most storage, size, and seating for the entire XT family.

The 2023 MasterCraft XT24 is a stunning, versatile watercraft that exemplifies innovation and craftsmanship. This exceptional boat combines performance, comfort, and style to deliver an unparalleled on-water experience. The XT24 comes with cutting-edge technology and features, including a powerful engine that ensures impressive speed and agility on the water. Its sleek design, premium upholstery, and meticulous attention to detail make it a genuine head-turner. At the same time, its advanced wake and surf systems guarantee exhilarating rides for wakeboarding and surfing enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, the 2023 MasterCraft XT24 promises to exceed your expectations and redefine your boating adventures.

2023 MasterCraft XT24 Specs

The 2023 MasterCraft XT24 is a remarkable watercraft with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Measuring 24 feet in length, this boat offers ample space for up to 18 passengers, making it perfect for adventurous outings with friends and family. Powered by a powerful V-drive engine, the XT24 delivers impressive horsepower, ensuring thrilling acceleration and smooth cruising on the water. Its deep-V hull design and integrated surf tabs create perfect wakes and waves for wakeboarding, surfing, and other water sports. The XT24 features a spacious cockpit with luxurious seating, providing comfort and convenience to its occupants. Its state-of-the-art touchscreen interface allows for easy control of various boat functions. Boasting sleek and stylish aesthetics, the 2023 MasterCraft XT24 is a true masterpiece with an unforgettable boating experience.


  • Boat Length: 24′
  • Beam: 102″
  • Boat Weight: 5,550lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 92 Gal
  • Seating: 17 People

SurfStar Surfing System

MasterCraft’s SurfStar Surfing System is the ultimate game-changer for water enthusiasts seeking the thrill of riding the perfect wave; designed with cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship, the SurfStar system takes surfing to exhilarating new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner eager to catch your first wave, this revolutionary system provides unmatched performance, control, and versatility. You get a tailored wave with its state-of-the-art wave-shaping capabilities, customizable wake settings, and intuitive control interface. SurfStar ensures that every ride is a breathtaking experience tailored to your unique style.

Flip-Down Swimstep

Mastercraft’s flip-down swim step is an exceptional feature that differentiates it from other watercraft manufacturers. Designed with safety in mind, this innovative swim step effortlessly flips down from the swim platform, providing a secure access point for swimmers and water enthusiasts. Whether enjoying a refreshing dip in the lake or engaging in water sports, this flip-down swim step offers a stable platform for boarding and disembarking. Crafted with durable materials and a sturdy design, it ensures a reliable and comfortable experience for users of all ages.

Storage For The 2023 MasterCraft XT24

The XT24’s interior is thoughtfully designed to accommodate many passengers without sacrificing comfort or maneuverability. The seating configuration is versatile, allowing various arrangements to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a cozy gathering with friends or a more open layout for water sports, the XT24 can quickly adapt to your desires.

The plush upholstery and high-quality materials used throughout the interior of the XT24 add a touch of luxury and sophistication. The seating is generously padded, providing excellent support and ensuring a comfortable ride even on rough waters. With ample legroom and vast seating areas, everyone on board can relax and enjoy the ride in style.

Storage is another standout feature of the XT24’s interior. MasterCraft understands that boating often comes with a lot of gear and equipment, and they have considered that when designing this watercraft. Cleverly placed compartments and storage areas are strategically integrated into the interior, allowing you to stow away your belongings neatly and efficiently. Whether it’s water skis, wakeboards, or picnic supplies, you can rest assured that there’s ample space to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Pop-Up Ski Pylon

MasterCraft’s pop-up ski pylon is a fantastic feature that elevates the water sports experience for enthusiasts. The pylon is designed with functionality in mind. This innovative ski pylon integrates into the boat’s design, providing a sturdy and convenient attachment point for towing skiers and wakeboarders.

The pop-up ski pylon is to be easily deployable and retractable. When not in use, it sits flush with the transom, preserving the sleek appearance of the boat and ensuring a safe and unobstructed space for other activities. With a simple pull and twist, the ski pylon effortlessly rises from its concealed position, ready to serve as a reliable anchor for towing water sports enthusiasts.

The ski pylon is constructed from durable materials. It offers exceptional strength and stability, allowing for confident pulls and sharp turns. It provides a secure attachment point for ropes and harnesses, ensuring a smooth and controlled experience for skiers and wakeboarders.

Athletic Performance

Its powerful and efficient engine is at the heart of the XT24’s performance. Equipped with a high-performance Ilmor engine, this watercraft delivers robust horsepower and torque, ensuring quick acceleration and impressive top speeds. Whether you’re pulling skiers, wakeboarders, or simply cruising, the XT24’s engine provides the power needed to excel in any water activity.

The XT24 also features an advanced hull design and ballast system, optimizing the boat’s performance and wake characteristics. The hull is carefully crafted to deliver a smooth ride, minimizing impact and maximizing stability even in choppy waters. The integrated ballast system allows for precise weight distribution, enabling you to customize the wake to suit your preferences and skill level. Whether you prefer a steep, rampy wake for wakeboarding or a mellow, curling wave for surfing, the XT24 can deliver.

Benefits Of Owning A 2023 MasterCraft XT24

The 2023 MasterCraft XT24 offers many benefits that can significantly enhance the boating and water sports experience for anyone fortunate enough to own or ride on this exceptional watercraft.

Safety is always a top priority, and the XT24 excels. With its robust construction, stability-enhancing hull design, and advanced safety features, this watercraft ensures a secure and worry-free experience on the water. The precise handling and maneuverability of the XT24 also contribute to its safety profile, allowing you to navigate confidently even in challenging conditions.

In addition to its performance and functionality, the XT24 exudes style and luxury. MasterCraft is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, evident in the XT24’s sleek and modern design. This vessel offers a sophisticated and visually appealing aesthetic, from plush upholstery to the high-quality materials used throughout.

What Adventures Will You Go On? 

Owning a ski boat opens up a world of thrilling adventures and endless possibilities on the water. With the right equipment and a sense of adventure, you can embark on unforgettable experiences that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. You can find MasterCraft at all of your Skier’s Marine locations. Call today and speak with one of our certified product specialists about how you can become the owner of one of these boats. The water is waiting for you. 

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