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A 2023 Supra SE in the lake during the morning.

Are you looking for a boat that gives you and your crew plenty of space and more standard features than other brands? You might think this is impossible, but it isn’t anymore with the 2023 Supra SE. Thanks to Supra’s new 2023 SE, you are getting a big boat and a vessel packed with more standard features than you can imagine. 

About The 2023 Supra SE

The year 2023 brings the arrival of the highly anticipated Supra SE boat, a masterpiece of engineering and design that promises to redefine the boating experience. With its sleek lines, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising performance, the Supra SE stands at the pinnacle of power and luxury on the water.

At first glance, the Supra SE captivates with its striking aesthetics. Every curve and contour has been carefully crafted to exude elegance and sophistication. Its bold color options and attention to detail ensure this boat will turn heads wherever it goes. The Supra SE boasts a commanding presence, whether gliding across calm lakes or conquering rough waters.

But it is on the water where the Supra SE truly shines. Powered by a high-performance engine, this boat delivers exhilarating speed and precision handling. The hull design and advanced wake and surf technology create perfect waves and wakes for all watersport enthusiasts. Whether you’re into wakeboarding, wake surfing, or waterskiing, the Supra SE provides an unmatched experience that will leave you craving more.

Below are some of the key specs you will find for the 2023 Supra SE:

  • Length: 24’5
  • Beam: 102 inches
  • Fuel: 83 gallons
  • Seating: 18 people
  • Standard Ballast: 4,700lbs
  • Engine: 450
  • Height On Trailer (Tower Up): 11’9


The back of your boat is a significant part of the vessel. Whether surfing or getting in and out of your boat, you will be on the transom at some point. You will find that the platform on this SE is oversized and rolls back a tiny amount. This shape allows the water to slide off to allow for a non-slip when getting in and out. Found under the boat’s platform, you will notice dual stern thrusters to help remove the intimidation from docking. More than ever, docking is as simple as parking a car. Optioned on this Supra SE, you will notice the surf pipe. This unique option, entitled by Supra, helps to reduce any noise during your ride. 

You will notice a storage locker above the boat’s platform when sitting at the transom. This locker provides an enormous amount of board or lifejacket storage. Above your platform, you will see a grab handle. Supra has innovated this handle with a camera. Before you ask, yes, this is a standard feature. This camera is handy when docking or seeing a surfer behind your boat. Additionally, on the back of your boat, you will find a pop-up pylon. This pylon can easily be twisted and put away when walking back and forth from stern to bow.


The inside look of any boat is just as important as the outside. The SE allows the user to walk freely from one end of the boat to the other. You will notice the Gatorstep marine decking that provides a nonskid surface and comfortable flooring. In the center of your boat, the SE has established storage in the middle of your cockpit. Your drinks and food will be stored away to stay fresh and cold all day long while never being in the way. 

When labeling something as a luxury, Supra has taken the time to exceed that. Supra has taken steps to redefine the meaning of comfort and durability. Since a lot of action happens behind a boat when owning a wake boat, Supra has innovated the seating. Behind your helm seat, you will find a built-in lean-back. You will find an additional lean-back seat behind the observer seat. These designs are great for catching some sun or watching surfers behind the boat. 


Sleek designs and innovations allow you to have everything within reach. You can control media, wake, surf, and lighting at the helm. Connect your phone to Bluetooth and experience concert-like sound on the water. You will notice speakers surrounding all around you and your passengers. Additionally, control your electric seat at the touch of a button. Both the driver and passenger chairs come with heated seating. 

The Supra SE comes with GPS if you need help with directions in the water. Finally, a key feature on all Supra’s is the patented Autowake. This technology allows every crew member to pick the waves they want to surf. You can now take the guesswork out of wakes and waves. This innovative technology automatically manipulates the hull without distracting the driver or passengers. You will find it as simple to operate as it is effective. The best part, this is all standard.

The Fuel Efficient 2023 Supra SE

When creating an extraordinary towboat, you need the best-of-the-best power. Every 2023 Supra is combined with an Indmar engine that provides outstanding strength and better fuel efficiency. Would you like more reassurance about the Supra’s engine? Standard closed cooling. Best-in-class horsepower and torque. Optimized fuel efficiency. The list is long and getting longer every year.


The standard items keep coming along. Every 2023 Supra comes standard with clamping board racks. Each clamping rack can be swiveled to be moved out of your way for days you want to cruise. You will find the clamping racks attached to the FX1 power tower. This power tower is a feature you will only find standard on the Supra. In the middle of this tower is a second camera to go with the one located at the transom. This camera is excellent for watching the action behind you while never leaving the steering wheel. Not only will you find board storage on the racks and back of the boat, but you will also find storage on the top of your tower.

Other New Features For 2023

Along with the features previously talked about, you will find more features and options for all 2023 Supra models. New gel colors for making the boat have its own personal touch are now available. The two colors include coffee and mint metal flake. Additionally, with updated colors, you will find an updated seating base. All new models come with the latest smart actuators. These benefit your on-water experience by providing predictable and replicable wakes and waves. 

Are You Ready For Your 2023 Supra SE?

Is this the right boat for you? When you own a Supra, you are not owning an average towboat but a tradition of towboat excellence. For years, Supra has exceeded expectations of what luxury and performance on the water can be like. That is why many boat owners who previously owned a Supra always come back. You will find Supra sold at five of our seven locations (Athens, Chattanooga, Dadeville, Memphis, and Westover). If the 2023 Supra SE is the boat you have been dreaming of, reach out to one of our certified product specialists where Supra is sold. To explore more features and year models, click the link below to see our Supra inventory.

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