The All-New MasterCraft XT25- Made For More.

A group of friends in the new MasterCraft XT25.

Nowadays, everyone wants more, whether it is more gas mileage in a car, more storage on the phone, or more hours in a day. What if you had more in your boat? Take everything you love in a vessel and double it- introducing the all-new MasterCraft XT25. The XT25 is the boat for someone who wants more. Completely redesigned from the hull up, the MasterCraft XT25 adds more storage, space, and wave options than ever. Skier’s Marine is the largest MasterCraft dealer in the country and continues to provide families with the boat of their dreams. Dive into MasterCraft’s latest features and innovations and see if the XT25 is the boat for you.

Specs Of The MasterCraft XT25

The purpose of the XT25 is to give you more of everything. The boat has more space and measures a length of 25’1″ with a beam of 102″. This upgrade in size allows you to have up to 18 people. A completely different look in the cockpit gives you and your passenger plenty of legroom. A massive fuel tank will let you stay out on the water all weekend without refueling. To explore all the specs of the MasterCraft XT25, view the list below: 

  • Boat Length: 25’1″
  • Beam: 102″
  • Weight: 5950lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 92 Gal
  • Boat Height: 125″
  • Seating: 18 People
  • Storage: 108 Cubic Feet


The XT25 is a top-notch towboat brand that promises to deliver exceptional wake-surfing capabilities with its enhanced ballast capacity. Its space makes it the new leader on the water. You and your crew can expect nothing less from the world’s leading towboat brand.

Better Waves Mean A Better Experience

The XT25 is a top-performing watercraft with a ballast capacity of 3,200 lbs and exceptional wakesurfing abilities. With SurfStar, you can customize your wave to create powerful and symmetrical wakes and waves for surfing, foiling, and wakeboarding. In addition, the 2024 model of the XT25 comes with foil presets integrated into the software, making it the first of its kind. The underwater exhaust is now a standard feature for a more tranquil ride and an unforgettable experience behind the boat. SurfStar provides an exceptional surfing experience for all skill levels, with the ability to customize your wave at the touch of a button. Since MasterCraft invented customizable surf in 2010, they have spent over a decade perfecting the surf system to ensure your wave is tailored to your preferences. With thousands of wave variations and the ability to adjust height, length, size, and push, MasterCraft has everything you need for an unforgettable experience.


The XT25 can accommodate up to 18 passengers, providing plenty of space for everyone to unwind and take in the ride. You can easily store your boards using the standard clamping board racks or the surf sleeves in the bimini, which offer ten board storage options – the highest number in the industry. The interiors are functional and comfortable, featuring premium upholstery and ergonomic designs exclusive to this industry. With numerous storage options and luxurious amenities, every detail of the XT25 is designed to enhance your pleasure while on the water.

Tower Options For The MasterCraft XT25

The Z6 tower is included in all models except for the ProStar and has the necessary clamping board racks. For NXT models, the Z6 tower has black legs, silver tubes, and silver or black Essential clamping board racks. As for XT models, the Z6 tower features silver legs and tubes and offers options for silver or black Essential or Supreme board racks. Enhance your XT, X, or XStar boat with the Z8 tower. It comes in black/silver legs, titanium/silver tubes, and silver/black Essential/Supreme board racks. The Z8 tower is the most user-friendly manual tower with Hydro-Lock technology. Upgrade your XT, X, or XStar family with the Z10 automatic power tower. You can choose between black or silver tower legs, black, titanium, silver tubes, and silver or black Essential or Supreme board racks. With just a push of a button, the Z10 tower can be raised and lowered, making it easier to maneuver.

More Comfort

MasterCraft’s revolutionary triple-density foam technology provides the ultimate level of comfort. This industry-leading seating features an ergonomic design, plush cushioning, and ample space. Our CoolFeel vinyl material is a special upgrade that keeps you up to 30% cooler than standard upholstery, even in darker shades. Furthermore, the built-in UV protection, mildew resistors, and stain resistors ensure that your interior remains fresh and comfortable for many years. Combine all this with a cockpit with more space than any other XT in the family, and you have a boat that can take on the whole family. 

Full Control

The XT25 is a great boat with high-end telematics and advanced connectivity features. With these features, you can easily stay connected with your crew and have complete control of your adventure. You can pair your devices seamlessly, stream your favorite songs, and even capture unforgettable moments with the integrated media system. The 2024 version comes with a new feature that allows you to manage your boat’s power easily with remote battery switching, thanks to the MasterCraft Connect app. With the XT25, you can stay connected, share the excitement, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Years As A MasterCraft Dealer

Skier’s Marine has been in business for almost three decades. Over those years, our company has grown into the biggest family-owned marine dealer in the southeast. While the company sells brands like Supra, Moomba, Chaparral, Boston Whaler, Sylvan, Crest, and Sylvan, it is known for its luxurious MasterCraft boats. We have proudly served the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee by providing families with lifelong memories on the water. Our mission continues to be to give families memories on the water. We invite you to any of our seven locations in the southeast and learn which boat is best for you and your family. Are you ready to start your legacy? 

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