Fall Boating: The South’s Best Time To Be On The Water

Fall boating with a new MasterCraft on the water.

Imagine the thrill of watching a football game with the serene lake as your backdrop. Envision having the whole lake to yourself for an entire weekend. Though some may believe that boating season ends when school resumes and football starts, let’s see it as an opportunity to create unforgettable experiences. Fall boating is the best time to be on the water. With little to no traffic on the lake, ideal temperatures, and inviting waters, now is the time to experience the South’s best time for boating. From now until the end of October, you and your family can look forward to creating fantastic memories on the water. 

Skier’s Marine’s job is to help you build legacies with your family and friends on the water. With new boats and used boats for sale in Alabama, Tennesee, and Georgia, we serve all the southeasts in their passion for being on the water. Are you ready to begin your legacy this fall? 

Fall Boating Temperatures

We love boating in the fall because of the average temperatures throughout the South. No longer do you have to burn up in the sun. While most boats come with innovative towers and huge biminis to help with this, you cannot cruise and get a tan simultaneously. Temperatures in the range of 70s to 80s are typical for Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee during September and October. Water temperatures will be between the low to mid-70s throughout the fall months. 

You’ll appreciate the break from the intense heat that you experience in Summer. Have you ever been on the water during a cool, crisp night? If not, we highly recommend giving it a shot. With the days getting a little shorter, seeing the stars above the water as the temperature drops to the 60s is a site to behold. 

Less Crowded Lakes

When we think of boating, we think of swimming, taking ski boats out, tubing, and much more. All those activities are fun, but the lakes can be so crowded because it seems everyone wants to do it. When all the kids return to school, football season kicks off, the lake will become much quieter. You will find much bigger bodies of water, and sandbars will become yours during the fall months. 

Fall Fishing

Serious anglers are known to look forward to the fall boating season each year. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, you will find certain fish making their way south for the winter. Serious fishermen will seize this opportunity as the fish prepare for the colder months. Certain fish include catfish, striped bass, and abundant baitfish. We have provided some tips if you or a family member is a serious angler. 

  • Look For Warmer Waters- Find the bodies of water with a ton of sunlight. Few fish technically hibernate, but many fish look for the warmest areas of the lake to hang out. 
  • Watch For Birds- Fall is the time of the year when fish chase prey towards the top of the water. Certain birds, such as gulls, terns, and others, will swarm around these areas to wait for injured fish and prey. If you see a flock of birds hovering in an area of the water, you are in for a treat. 
  • Use Bigger Bait- As the water gets colder, bigger fish don’t want to waste time and energy on small prey. Try upping your sizing of bait to attract the bigger fish. 

Fall Boating Season Colors

Yes, the summer is a fantastic time of the year to be out on the water. However, Autumn is too hard to top with the beautiful colors from the leaves reflecting on the water. While cruising, you will witness an unparalleled scenic transformation as everything changes to vibrant yellows and oranges.

Open Waters

Experience having the lake to yourself. 

Fall Fishing

Enjoy fall fishing on crisp mornings. 

Catch A Wave Before Kickoff

Waves at 10 in the AM and kickoff in the PM. 

Football With A Backdrop

In the South, football is on TV no matter where you go during the fall. Whether you are out eating lunch, at a friend’s house, or shopping, it seems everyone is keeping up with the scores. Have you ever experienced watching the game at the lake? With a serene body of water in the background, a cool breeze, and only the sounds of birds chirping alongside the TV, it’s hard to beat. 

Additionally, imagine watching the game while out on the water. With technology nowadays, you and your family can be out cruising, listening, or watching your team play from the water. 

Southern Boating At It’s Finest

Are you ready to take it all in and experience boating at its finest in the South? If you are looking for new ski or wake boats or used ski boats in Alabama, Tennessee, or Georgia, Skier’s Marine can help. Our team continues to promote our passion for the water to help build your legacy with your family. 

Experience southern boating at its finest this Autumn. Whether for the crisp morning air, inviting waters, or the perfect fishing season. From now until the end of October, witness the thrill of boating all to yourself. 

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