“Float Your Boat” Show | 2021

The Float Your Boat Show hosted at Skier's Marine.

2020 was a bummer so let’s fast forward to this summer!

It’s true – most traditional boat shows have been canceled for the 2021 season. But Skier’s Marine is open and we have created a customized boat show experience tailored just for you! The “Float Your Boat” Show. 

From now through February 7th, we invite you to stop by your local Skier’s Marine dealership, visit us online, or meet us at the private location of your choosing. We will help you find the best boat at the best price during the “Float Your Boat” Show! 

In addition to our heavily discounted prices, you can increase your savings by choosing how to spend your deposit match. Really – whatever floats your boat. 

-What kind of deals are we talking about?-

You could get a 2021 MasterCraft XT23 well-equipped including the trailer for up to $36,250 off MSRP, plus… 

$2000 deposit match on ANY new MasterCraft NXT

$3500 deposit match on ANY new MasterCraft XT

$5000 deposit match on ANY new MasterCraft X Series

More of a Moomba-lover? What about a $1500 deposit match on ANY new Moomba plus a 7-year factory powertrain warranty!

Or maybe you’re looking for luxury. The 2021 Sylvan L3 CLZ with a Yamaha 200 offers up to $13,435 off MSRP plus $1000 deposit match on ANY new Sylvan.

Trust us. We want the best boat and best experience for you without gimmicks, without pressure and without regrets. Come see how our team’s passion for boating guides your family to create a legacy full of summertime memories. We can’t wait to see you at the Float Your Boat Show!

-When and where is your local Skier’s Marine Boat Dealership Open House?-

Huntsville & Florence (Athens, AL) | Jan 14-16 (Thur-Sat) 8:30am-5:00pm, Jan 17 (Sunday) 12p-4p

15493 Hwy 72

Athens, AL 35611

Atlanta (Gainesville, GA)| Jan 14-16 (Thur-Sat) 8:30am-5:00pm, Jan 17 (Sunday) 12p-4p

1209 Hillside Gardens Ln

Gainesville, GA 30504

Birmingham (Westover, AL) | Jan 21-23 (Thur-Sat) 8:30am-5:00pm, Jan 24 (Sunday) 12p-4p

10171 Hwy 280 

Westover, AL 35147

Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)|  Feb 4-6 (Thur-Sat) 8:30am-5:00pm, Feb 7 (Sunday) 12p-4p

10171 Hwy 280 

Westover, AL 35147

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