MasterCraft X26 | The Definition Of Luxury

A 2024 MasterCraft X26 on the lake.

Are you a previous boat owner who feels that they have owned the best that boating has to offer? While we respect many outstanding brands within the industry, there is no denying that the MasterCraft X26 is the pinnacle of luxury on the water. This 26-foot, yacht-certified towboat provides a premium experience at every touch. From behind the boat to the enormous amount of space within the boat, the X26 is designed for those who demand the best on the water. 


The X26 is a towboat that stands out in the market with its exceptional features. It can seat up to 18 people and comes with standard telematics and SurfStar technology. Additionally, it offers various options, including a stern thruster, a head, and a refrigerator. The X26 is the most potent and premium towboat, loaded with unparalleled features in the market. With a fuel tank capacity of 108 gallons, the X26 is ready for all-day play and fun. To explore the MasterCraft X26 full line-up of specs, view the listing below (2024 model):

  • Boat Length: 26’5″
  • Beam: 102″
  • Draft: 30″
  • Hull: Vector Drive
  • Boat Weight: 6,900 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 108 Gallons
  • Seating: 18 Persons
  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs

Classy And Commanding

The MasterCraft X26 boasts a flawless style characterized by its pickle fork bow, beautiful lines, and unique deep-v hull. This style not only catches the eye but also makes navigating through open water conditions easier. The X26 offers endless styling options, from hull to tower to windshield to designator to interior, allowing you to customize your X26 to create a unique, head-turning vessel. 

The X26 boat has an optional Ilmor Supercharged 6.2L Engine that boasts 630 horsepower and 665 ft-lb of torque. This engine is the most potent towboat engine globally, providing a powerful performance both behind the wheel and in the boat. Additionally, the X26 features underwater exhaust, which enhances the on-water experience for everyone onboard.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience on the water, the X26 is the perfect solution. With its top-of-the-line amenities, such as a refrigerator and head, and patented transom lounge seats, the X26 offers the most luxurious towboat experience. You can upgrade your X26 with the industry’s most potent stern thruster and the all-new power board racks to further enhance your comfort and convenience.



There is nothing like riding behind the wheel of a MasterCraft. Its superior build, top-of-the-line components, and world-renowned innovations give the captain more power and control. A constant drive to find new ways to innovate and create new features helps you know you’re in the the latest that wake boats can offer. New for 2024, MasterCraft has updated each model’s stern thruster. Picking up riders, putting your boat on the trailer, and docking is now easier than ever with some of the most intuitive stern thrusters on the market. 


The MasterCraft X26 comes equipped with premium Klipsch Audio, giving you the best on-water audio experience in the industry. Depending on your preference, you can pick the number of speakers you would like on your boat. Available upgrades to add to your X26 include a transom stereo remote, observer stereo remote, and observer stereo display. These upgrades enhance your experience of finding luxury on the water. 


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“How Can I Own A MasterCraft X26?”

Is the MasterCraft X26 the right choice for you? Our seven locations currently have a wide range of surf boats for sale—all models tailored to your needs and goals. The X26 is tailored for those who desire the best on-water experience MasterCraft can give you. This 26-foot, yacht-certified towboat provides a premium experience at every touch point. From its commanding behind-the-boat performance and unmatched experience at the helm to its classy style with extensive luxurious amenities, the X26 commands attention. Suppose you feel this is the boat you want to take your friends and family out on. In that case, we invite you to visit any of our seven premium boat dealerships and speak with any of our product specialists. 

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