MasterCraft’s Redesigned Wake, Surf, Ski Boat – The 2023 XT20

The New Ski Boat From MasterCraft's XT Family

Your New Recreational Ski Boat is Here


Are you looking for a way to beat the summer heat this year? Do you want the next big thing to help you make lifelong memories with family and friends? Why not have something to look forward to your next weekend or holiday vacation? We have an idea- a new ski boat.

The weather is hot, but the new 2023 Mastercraft XT20 takes that temperature to a new level. Skiers Marine’s new ski boat for sale from Mastercraft is one of the best luxury speed boats on the market. The 2023 MasterCraft XT20 delivers vastly improved performance desired by boating enthusiasts looking for no compromises in a 20′ package. Whether you do not need the extra room or your lake has a 20′ restriction, the all-new XT20 produces. 

2023 Mastercraft XT20 General Specs

This 2023 boat comes with brand new specs and upgrades from its previous model. The XT20 comes with a redesigned hull with more freeboard, more ballast capacity, and an upgrade in storage. This new boat sits 20 feet long with a beam of 100 inches. Total weight of 5100 pounds and has enough seating for 12 people per trip out on the water. With a capacity of up to 2000 pounds, you will be able to bring plenty of food, beer, boards, and gear for you and your crew. This beautiful boat comes with a 45-gallon fuel tank, perfect for long days out on the water. The smaller and lightweight design makes for an easy-to-store and easy-to-tow experience no matter the journey. 


Why Mastercraft Ski Boats? We’ll Answer That For You.

Since 1968 Mastercraft has been one of the leading brands in craftsmanship and quality. Mastercraft was the first company to bring onboard surfing technology at the height of wakeboarding. Over time they have become the most award-winning producer of wakesurf, wakeboard, and luxury performance powerboats. From years of research and innovation, Mastercraft has continued to provide customers with one of the smoothest rides and highest-performing boats. 

Power & Performance: The XT20 comes standard with a 5.3L GDI engine. Mastercraft has partnered with Ilmor to bring a gasoline direct injecting engine. Ilmore is world renowned for building race car engines. This engineering technology allows for maximum fuel and engine efficiency. More engine efficiency means you spend more time playing than you do at the gas pump.  

Luxurious Interior:  In the middle of your boat, you will find a beautiful interior that compliments the exterior. With this boat, you will have to option to upgrade the seating to the CoolFeel vinyl technology. This unique feature will keep your seats 30% cooler in sunlight than standard marine seating. New to the XT20 this year is a pullout seat for extra leg room located at the back of the cockpit. It’s great for laying out or watching the action behind the boat. 

On the floor of the cockpit, you will have the option to get decorative flooring. This flooring allows for removable padding so that cleaning is a breeze. Above each midnight black cupholder, you will see the two placement areas for phone holders (iPhone and Android). There are also options to upgrade to charging stations if placement alone does not suit your needs. While driving, you will be sitting in a beautiful captain’s chair. The chair allows for comfort and flexibility with a lock-in placement to prevent swiveling while driving. Getting behind the driver’s seat should not be a nightmare. 

Mastercraft has designed the XT20 dash to be a simple and user-friendly design. Move quickly from the cockpit to the water with the transom walkthrough. You will find the all-new and conveniently located pop-up ski pylon for an additional fee. Push back down to turn back into an accessible walkway. 

Hidden Storage: The 2023 Mastercraft XT20 provides numerous storage areas. At the stern of the boat, you will find two storage units on each side of the lockers. They will be located just behind the seating, so guests and crew members will not need to move when looking for ropes or life jackets. In the middle of the boat’s cockpit, you will find storage under the left side seating. This storage will be great for any personal items that need to stay dry. Located at the boat’s bow, you will find under-seat storage under the middle seat. This storage area is exceptional for anchor storage. The XT20 also has the standard clamping board racks on each tower side.

Bluetooth Connection: With the MasterCraft app, you can stay connected and check your health, fuel level, and more.

Fantastic Sound Quality: Mastercraft has partnered with Klipsch Audio to provide the best-in-class marine audio system. Klipsch is a herald in the music industry for its remarkable achievements. These heavy-hitting speakers allow for a concert-like sound system. You will be rocking out all day with BlueTooth radio, four Klipsch 7″ speakers, and one 10″ subwoofer. 


Surfing Lessons Anyone?

On the boat’s transom, you have the SurfStar surfing system, Mastercraft’s newest surf system. Surfing can be like skiing; not everyone will start on the same terrain. The system is easy and user-friendly; everyone wanting to surf, wake, and water ski will be able to customize each wave shape, amplitude, and height. 

The software comes with two surfing settings: rapid surf and custom surf. Rapid surf allows the user to pick a level of 1-7, 1 being great for kids or beginners and 7 for high-level experienced riders. Custom surf provides complete freedom when making your wave. Are you taking turns? There are new pre-saved settings so each crew member can keep surfing their desired waves throughout the day. Each Mastercraft XT20 comes with military-grade position sensing actuators so that if you go with level 5, you will constantly be getting a level 5 wave every time. The SurfStar system is unique to every single boat. Every tab is precisely designed by Mastercraft so that you are getting the best waves out of your boat.

Bringing Extra On Board Your Boat? 

The SurfStar is sure to be one of the main attractions on your new ski boat. To be prepared for an entire crew, the XT20 comes with the most board storage the industry offers. Redesigned surf racks will keep your boat space free while keeping your boards safe. An upgrade for the redesigned biminis with surf sleeves allows for more board storage.

Upgradeable Options

With this brand new Mastercraft boat being a part of the XT family, you will get the most customizable and reliable 20′ boat on the market. Those upgradeable options include:

  • Dual screen (touch screen) on the dash
  • Pop-up back seats
  • Three tower options (Z6, Z8, Z10) with hydrolock, along with up to four tower speakers 
  • Mastercraft is the only brand to offer bow, sides, and aft shade with a redesigned bimini option
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Six different areas on the boat allow for customization to color coat
  • Power helm seat
  • Flip down swim step
  • CoolFeel Vinyl Technology Seating
  • Windshield options
  • An Ilmore 6.0L or 6.2L GDI VD 2.1
  • Underwater lighting 
  • Speaker light rings


Why Skier’s Marine? We Are Boating Enthusiasts

We understand that life can be stressful and that sometimes it is best to get away from it all. We are here to help customers have their dreams fulfilled. Skiers is the southeasts go to ski boat dealership. At Skiers, we are boating enthusiasts and want to bring our excitement for living life out on the water to you. With six locations currently, Skier’s Marine offers more than just service. We believe that we provide substantial relationships. Our boats range anywhere from slightly used to brand new. Our brands consist of Mastercraft, Supra, Moomba boats, and Sylvan. Skiers is also very well known for our fast and reliable maintenance services. We offer everything from interior boat repair to engine replacement. Our passion for boating, partnerships with trusted manufacturers, and commitment to providing outstanding customer service allow us to give you a premium experience. Come by any of our six locations today, or give us a call to hear more about what we can do for you. 

So, are you ready to own your brand-new ski boat from MasterCraft?



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