New Boat Model – 2023 MasterCraft XT22T

The MasterCraft XT22T out for a ride on the water.


There is something about having peace of mind on the water knowing that you’re riding on a luxurious and reliable boat. We all want it when we are out with friends or family on the lake. The MasterCraft XT22T provides you with that easy-going feeling thanks to MasterCraft’s innovations within the last few years. With technology forever changing, it seems complicated to keep up with the latest trends. And when owning a boat, we want to have a one-of-a-kind boat. A boat that makes us feel like we are showing our personality. This new MasterCraft boat combines the latest technology while keeping a traditional bow for those seeking classic styling and allows for an infinite range of customization. 

XT22T Key Specs

  • Boat Length 21’10”
  • Beam 102″
  • Interior Width 86″
  • Ballast with SurfStar 3,020 pounds
  • Total Fuel Capacity of 79 Gallons
  • Seating for up to 14 people
  • Draft 30″

Stylish And Comfortable With Plenty Of Room

So how do we stand out among the crowd? This new MasterCraft boat is fully customizable. Everything from the boat’s hull to almost everything inside the XT22T is customizable. When owning a MasterCraft boat, it is easy for everyone to get a sense of your personality. Over 20 color options are available for the hull alone to give your new boat the correct type of look you want. 

MasterCraft’s innovations over the years have contributed to more comfortable rides. On deck, you will find luxurious seating all around you. A unique U-shaped seating area in the cockpit allows easy water access thanks to a walkthrough transom. New for 2023, this MasterCraft comes with transom seats with sliding bases as an upgrade. Towards the bow, you will find the traditional shape of old meets new. With seating up to 14 people, the XT22T provides plenty of room for you and your crew. 


The inside of your boat is just as important as the outside. We all want to have a matching luxurious style inside and out. This new boat from MasterCraft is so customizable that there are options to change the flooring. The three different options available are carpet, deckadence, and seadek. Each one helps with water absorption and matches your style. 


Have you had a boat in the past that sacrificed space when it comes to bringing carry-on or inviting more guests? We all know someone who has to tell their friends and family to pack light for the boat ride. The MasterCraft XT22T doesn’t force that sacrifice on you. Throughout this beautiful boat for sale, you will find storage located everywhere. You might even tell your guest to bring more. Located under the starboard side seating, you will find cooler storage—no more worrying about your drinks getting hot in the sun. 

Under the port side seating, you will discover communicating storage that runs up to the bow. You will find storage trays above the ballast at the back of the boat. These trays are great storage compartments for ropes to pull water skiers or tying down after a long day out on the lake. You will find storage on each side under your seating at the bow. While these two storage units might be smaller, they are still great options for bags, towels, sunscreen, and phones. You might be asking, “where am I going to put my anchor?” The MasterCraft XT22T has you covered on that as well. Built-in anchor storage comes in all MasterCraft models. 

New MasterCraft Boat = New Technology

Is this the boat for you? Can you picture yourself in the captain’s seat if it is? The customization doesn’t end with just the outside and flooring. The captain’s chair allows different seating heights and adjusts forwards and backward to give you the best visibility. At the bottom of your chair, you will find a lock that allows for swiveling to ensure you never miss a conversation behind or in front of you. In front of you on the dash, you will find a range of information, such as fuel percentage, battery voltage, and engine temperature. The 2023 MasterCraft XT22T has a dual screen (available as an upgrade) that will keep you updated on the latest techs. These features include BlueTooth pairing, lighting control, GPS, and SurfStar. 


Equipped with the latest SurfStar technology, the XT22T allows you to create the perfect wave for someone every time. The rapid surf system helps pick the best wave for every crew member. Are you bringing your kids? Set them at a mellow level of one or two for smooth waves so they can learn to ride behind the boat. Are you bringing a veteran to watersports that are itching to ride the big one? Change the rapid surf to a seven and watch the waves get steep. There is something for every surfer with the XT22T. Additionally, if you want to get the ultimate customization when it comes to surfing, you are given the option to create your custom wave type and pick which side you want to surf. 

Stay Charged Up

In the day and age we are in now, we all need our phones. Whether we need them for emergencies, work, or even for music, it is common for everyone to have their phone on them at all times constantly. You will find a wireless charging station beside the captain’s chair to keep you connected to the real world. 

This New MasterCraft Boat Provides Concert-Like Audio

New for 2023, MasterCraft XT22T has updated Klipsch Audio speakers that will have you thinking you’re at Woodstock ’99, thanks to their innovation of marine sound systems. An additional two speakers line the inside of your boat. 

Tower Options

Raising and lowering your tower has never been easier. The video shows that we upgraded the XT22T with the Z10 Power Tower. This exciting feature allows for the quick and easy button push to store your tower. Within seconds your tower will either be raised or put away. No more having to leave it up or the hassle of needing some help getting it down. Additionally, the towers can color match your choice on your hull.

Make Your New MasterCraft Boat Your Own – Additional Upgrade Options

  • Z8 and Z10 Tower Options (Standard Tower is the Z6- Not pictured in the video)
  • Cockpit Wireless Charging Station
  • Convertible Center Rear Seating (Shown in video)
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Pop Up Pylon
  • Speaker Lights
  • Upgradeable Ilmor Engine
  • And Much More


MasterCraft has delivered bold looks and big waves each year. Are you ready for your XT22T? Witness something all new and all improved in all of the right ways. MasterCraft boats tend to show you the innovation they have made while keeping traditional looks and feels. Experience endless options and infinite numbers of upgrades that will have you dreaming of the water every night. Come by your local Skier’s Marine today and see why MasterCraft delivers one of the best on-water experiences. 

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