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2024 Supra SL Review

Meet Supra Boats most sought-after wake boat, the all-new 2024 Supra SL. With a brand-new speaker design and a redesigned dash, the SL will turn heads on the water. 

Supra Boats, renowned for their innovation and performance, have carved a niche in wakeboarding and water sports. With a history dating back to the early 1980s, Supra has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and engineering to create boats that deliver an exceptional on-water experience. At the heart of Supra’s success is its dedication to crafting boats that blend cutting-edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship. 

2024 Supra SL Specs

The all-new Supra SL is a sleek and stylish boat measuring 23’5″ long without the platform. Thanks to its long length, you can comfortably fit up to 17 people aboard. The SL is equipped with 4,000 lbs of ballast to provide stability and complete control of the water. On top of all this, you will find in-floor storage. This storage allows purpose while never taking away from the seating room. 

Near the transom, you will find a high-function walk-through with a step-down design to allow easy access to and from the water. Captains of this vessel will be pleased to hear about standard features for the helm chair. Supra Boat’s advanced seating offers a heated base and back captain’s chair to help you dry off before docking. Below, you will find the latest specs for the 2024 Supra SL. 

  • Length: 23’5″
  • Width: 102″
  • Seating: 17 People
  • Fuel Capacity: 73 Gallon
  • Ballast: 4,000 lbs
  • Draft: 28″
  • Engine Options: 400/450/575

All New Audio by DSD

All-new for the Supra SL is the newest edition to the audio. Feel the power of sound with Supra Boat’s DSD (Dynamic Sound Design) regardless of volume, seating arrangement, or music genre. Dynamic Sound Design is an onboard experience that will allow you to have an on-water concert like never before. Supra has integrated carefully selected components and active DSP technology to deliver robust and refined sound in their luxury boats. Experience the revolutionary technology of Active DSP that adapts to your listening environment, ensuring your boat’s sound is always in perfect harmony. With powerful Digital Signal Processing, real-time adjustments are made at every volume level, delivering unparalleled audio quality tailored for every moment. Allow yourself to be moved by audio that you can feel.

Supra Boats Patented AutoWake

With Supra’s AutoWake, you no longer have to guess how to create the perfect wave and wake. This patented, industry-exclusive hull management system automatically manipulates the hull position to produce a precise and ideal wake or wave. This technology is done while never distracting the driver from focusing on the water. 

New 2024 Innovations For The Supra SL

Power DropStep

This innovative step is designed to improve your experience on the water. It can easily extend and retract beneath the swim platform, revolutionizing how you enter and exit the water. You’ll no longer have to struggle or use awkward maneuvers. The DropStep streamlines the process, making it effortless and seamless. With a simple button press, the step extends out. It provides a sturdy platform to step onto, ensuring a safe and hassle-free entry into the water.

Enhanced Seat Controls

The seat of the boat is equipped with four easy-to-use buttons on the side, which allow you to effortlessly adjust its position. You can customize the seat to your preference by raising or lowering it, moving it forward or backward, all with just the touch of a button. You can even save your preferred positions for quick and easy adjustments with the seat presets feature. Enjoy a luxurious and customized boating experience with advanced electronic seat controls.

Redesigned Dash

Experience an onboard control panel like no other, combining both style and practicality. The built-in DSD audio system immerses you in a world of crystal-clear sound, heightening your entertainment while cruising on the water. The newly added Grey/Black machined bezels give a modern and sophisticated touch to the already sleek design. Stay connected and powered up with the convenient wireless charger located in the glovebox, ensuring your devices are always ready for use. Additionally, the engine on/off button has been moved to the inboard side of the panel, providing easier access and streamlined control. This innovatively redesigned dashboard offers a perfect blend of style, practicality, and convenience that elevates your boating experience to new heights.

Swell Surf System

With the Swell surf system, your boat positions your hull perfectly to deliver long and perfect pockets. With a flip of the switch, you can easily change the wave’s shape behind you. This quick transition is great for beginners and veterans of wakeboarding and wake surfing. 

Why Own The New Supra SL?

When owning a Supra wakeboat, you are getting a boat that is not only great for watersports but one of the most tech-savvy vessels in the world. Amongst this, you are getting more standard options and features than most brands in the industry. 

The all-new Supra will instantly grab your attention. When creating a one-of-a-kind towboat, you will not want to use any power plant; you will look for the best. That is why Supra uses the potent Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine. It provides maximum low-RPM torque with class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions. Subfloor ballast offers the option of adding the perfect amount of extra weight to shape your wake but doesn’t take up any storage or seating areas. Sleek and hidden, but with 6 pumps filling and draining, you get the weight you need delivered when needed.

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