Questions To Ask On A Boat Demo

A woman watching a surfer while questions to ask during a boat demo hover over her.

The boat-buying process is daunting. It can be overwhelming to visit every dealership around you and look at tons of boats. The exciting time comes when you see the finish line of your investment. When you get to this point in the process, you will find yourself with millions of questions running through your mind. We are here to help you, and our product specialists may not always remember to cover every topic. To help you prepare for this moment, we have compiled a list of the best questions to ask during a boat demo. 

Why Demo A Boat?

It is essential to demo a boat because it allows you to envision your weekends on the water and learn which boat best suits your family’s needs. We want you to drive, ride, and surf (if possible) on whatever brand best suits your style. With new technology being made almost every year, learning all you can during your one or two hours on the water is vital. 

A woman looks over the bow of a MasterCraft ski boat.
A premier pontoon with a flag attached to it.
A surfer on a demo learning to ride the waves.
A Moomba out on a boat demo.

Questions To Ask On A Boat Demo

While there are many questions you should ask a product specialist on a demo, there are also questions you should ask yourself. “What am I going to use this boat for?” “How many people do I need to bring aboard?” The list can go on, so consider how to utilize the boat. We also suggest you pay attention to the boat’s size. Some lakes limit the size of the boat you can bring to the lake. The boat’s length is also a significant indicator of your overall needs. 

Also, do you want to fish on the boat? Do you want to surf behind the boat? And what is your vehicle’s total towing capacity? Once you have answered these questions, you will be setting yourself up for a confident buying process before you test-drive any brand. 

Questions To Ask On Your Test-Drive

  • What is the difference between this model and last year’s?
  • What is the top speed?
  • What is the maximum passenger capacity?
  • Is there any warranty on this boat, and if so, when does it end?
  • Can you show me how to hitch it to my vehicle?
  • Can you show me how to dock the boat?
  • How long until I need to get the boat serviced?
  • Where should my riders sit to get the best surfing wave?
  • How long does a full tank of fuel last me?

Boating Tips

Did we miss some questions? Our goal is to have you out on the water with confidence. Below are helpful videos on additional questions we have seen before. 

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