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Have you recently typed in “MasterCraft boats near me” on your google search? Are you in the market for unbeatable prices and outstanding customer service? No longer will you find yourself searching on your phone or trying to hear by word of mouth where to buy a MasterCraft boat. Skier’s Marine is a consistent top contender worldwide as a MasterCraft boat dealership. For years Skier’s has been providing families with some of the best on the market and since 1968 MasterCraft has provided the boating industry with luxury, performance, and highly reliable boats.

Why Skier’s Marine?

For years, Skier’s Marine has carried MasterCraft. We believe that these are excellent boats for those wanting top-of-the-line quality. From the unbelievable wakes, comfort, and ability to customize, MasterCraft has given customers the best on-water experience. Skiers has the most extensive inventory options for MasterCraft- ranging from used to new boats. At Skier’s Marine, we want to help you find the best boat for your requirements. When you buy into a MasterCraft, you are not only getting a top-quality boat, you are getting an unforgettable experience.

Discover The Latest MasterCraft Models

Innovation and technology are forever changing. We ensure that we stay ahead of the game by carrying the newest models. We provide every family of models MasterCraft has developed, such as the XT, X, XStar, NXT, and Prostar families. Below you will find a quick summary of what each family offers. 

XStar: The XStar features two models at 23 feet with premium amenities and robust performance behind your boat. Every Xstar model comes with the standard Kplisch audio speakers, a walkthrough transom, and enough seating for up to 16 people. To allow for a better captain’s experience, the Xstar comes with a standard cockpit wireless charger to ensure you stay connected to the world. 

X Family: The X family has three different models ranging from 22 to 26 feet in length. Get ready for a boat that delivers eye-catching style and high performance. With the supercharged 6.2L engine from Ilmor, the X family boasts the best horsepower in the industry. 

XT Family: An athletic handling boat with five different models with lengths between 20 to 24 feet. The XT family has something for everyone and allows for endless customization. Load it with an upgraded tower or pop-up seatbacks to watch friends and family surf behind the boat. 

NXT Family: With three models ranging from 20 to 24 feet, the NXT family offers premium comfort, performance, and quality. You will find more than enough storage, no matter the size of your crew. Captains of the boat will find themselves constantly connected, thanks to the vessel’s built-in Bluetooth and wireless chargers. With an increased ballast, you will get a boat that delivers longer and taller wakes perfect for recreational waterskiing. 

Prostar: Are you searching for the flattest wakes on the market? The Prostar is a premium boat for skiing fanatics, regardless of age or experience. While the boat might be smaller, with a capacity of up to 7 people, it still packs a ton. The 2023 Prostar is the only waterski boat within the industry with four fins allowing for better tracking and an outstanding driving experience. 

Shop A Variety Of New And Used Boats

Skier’s Marine proudly carries new and pre-owned MasterCraft models. Maybe you are a lover of the older styles of MasterCraft, such as the X30 or X46. Even if you want to get something with some hours on it, we still have boats that will meet your needs. Don’t worry- MasterCraft has delivered no matter what year model you want. Our used boats range from one to 20 years old but still hold on to their value. Each pre-owned boat comes with hours of inspection from our service team and will be sent off with you in the best condition possible. 

Let Us Be Your Next MasterCraft Boat Dealership!

MasterCraft creates the kinds of crafts that become a part of their owner’s daily lifestyles. Are you ready to have luxury comfort in your Xstar? Maybe you are prepared for a day of skiing behind your Prostar? Whatever you fill will fit your needs, Skier’s Marine will make sure you drive away with the perfect boat. With seven locations throughout three southeast states, Skier’s Marine has become a top two MasterCraft boat dealership yearly. Come by any of the seven locations today and see why many of our customers choose MasterCraft. 

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