Your Ultimate Guide to MasterCraft Boats

A MasterCraft wake boat creates waves on the water.

If you’re looking for a boat that combines high performance and luxury, MasterCraft may be the perfect choice! This company has made a name for itself by designing boats ideal for water sports, including wakeboarding, wake surfing, and waterskiing. If you’re passionate about water sports, chances are you’re already familiar with the reputation of MasterCraft boats.

At Skier’s Marine, our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect boat to suit your needs. To achieve this, we provide information about the top manufacturers in the market. In this article, you’ll discover more about one of these companies. When you’re ready to explore MasterCraft boats for sale in Alabama, Georgia, or Tennessee, contact your local Skier’s Marine dealership.

MasterCraft Boats & Their History

MasterCraft was founded by Rob Shirley, a waterskiing instructor who went on to later open his own waterskiing school in Florida. In 1968 with a few friends, Shirley modified a boat and entered it in the US Nationals in Ohio. After this, he moved to Tennessee and founded the MasterCraft Boat Company which operated out of a two-horse barn.

The first year of production was slow, making only 12 boats using the modified hull design. This hull produced a small wake, which proved to be great for riders needing a both well-defined wake at trick speeds and a low and smooth wake for slalom skiing. This design soon caught the eye of many watersports enthusiasts and the company began to receive many orders. Soon enough, MasterCraft established their name as a major player in the tournament ski boat market.

Number 1 MasterCraft Dealer In The World

Over 28 years, we have taken great pride in offering luxury brands at our seven locations. Among these, we are particularly proud to be the world’s number-one dealer of MasterCraft boats and one of the largest family-owned boat dealers in the South. Regardless of your budget, we have a wide selection of MasterCraft boats ranging from $120,000 to $290,000 that will meet your needs. As of early 2024, Skier’s Marine has seven boat dealerships across three states: Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. 

At present, MasterCraft has in its employ around 400 people at its Vonore, Tennessee manufacturing plant. Here they handcraft some of the world’s best-performing boats. The company is now the largest producer of inboard ski boats, wakeboard boats, and luxury performance powerboats in the world. With 130 domestic and international dealers, MasterCraft boats are sold in 30 countries across the world.

MasterCraft Family

MasterCraft’s boat lineup is unparalleled in the industry, confidently reflecting their unmatched legacy, power, precision, and professionalism. 

XStar S Family

The XStar S by MasterCraft is the flagship model with SurfStar technology to create the world’s most powerful and consistent wakes. It boasts top-end performance and luxury features, making it the ultimate embodiment of watercraft engineering.

X Family

Introducing the X Family, where top-notch wake and wave performance meets unparalleled luxury. With its unique pickle fork bow and sleek design, these boats range from 22′ to 26′ and offer premium amenities, advanced technology, and a distinguished style, making for an exceptional experience on the water. 

XT Family

The XT Family offers boats that produce world-class surf waves. With endless customizations and options, you can create your ideal boat without sacrificing quality, comfort, or performance. Whether you prefer pickle fork or traditional bow styling, or need a boat from 20 to 25 feet, the XT Family has you covered. Choose the XT Family for endless waves and endless fun.

NXT Family

Simplify your summer with the NXT. With five models ranging from 20′ to 24′, each designed for best-in-class wake and wave performance, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort or quality for affordability. The NXT Family has all the necessary features to make your summer effortless.

Pro Star

The MasterCraft ProStar is an exceptional watercraft that sets the bar high for others in the industry. With its perfected ergonomics and thoughtful design, it is the epitome of progress rooted in heritage. The ProStar has achieved numerous world records for producing the flattest wakes at any line length and speed, making it the confident choice for families who desire both practicality and performance. It remains the leader in its category and is continuously pulling farther ahead, inspiring others to aspire to greatness.

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