Where Do I Register My Boat?

Boating Registration, as well as boat innovations, allow you to keep your boat and others safe.

You Ask, We Answer

Are you a first-time boat buyer? You may be someone looking to get a different type of boat. If either of these is you, you may have questions about your next investment. A big question that our product specialists constantly hear is, “where do I register my boat?” Registering your boat is a significant and essential step in boat ownership. By registering your boat, you are aiding in keeping boating safe for friends and family alike. We have answered every question you may have about your latest purchase so that you can confidently go into boat ownership.

Boating Registration

All vessels made after 1972, by federal law, must have a hull identification attached to them. You can find the 12-digit identification number on the outside stern (transom) of the vessel. You must include this number on the application and registration certificate when you see it. The sales tax will apply at the same local rates. The boat can be officially registered to one state only. For example, suppose you are from Tennessee and purchase a MasterCraft from one of our Alabama locations. In that case, you will need to register the vessel for the body of water in Tennessee. 

You can register your boat at numerous places, such as the Department of Motorized Vehicles, the Department of Licensing, or online. Depending on your last name, you will re-register your boat every year during a certain month. Remember that in many states, you must register a trailer as well since you can separate the two. 

“What Do I Need To Register My Boat?”

So now the question of “where do I register my boat” has answers; you will need to know what to have prepared to register your vessel. Whether you apply online or in person, you will need the bill of sale from the licensed dealership or a dealer invoice. The bill of sale should include a complete description of the vessel, as well as the make and model of the motor. Different lengths will have separate registration fees. For instance, a boat that is 16 feet or less will have a smaller price than a boat over 26 feet. If you purchase a boat from an individual, you will need a little more than the bill of sale. If you are to acquire a boat from a previous owner, you will need the bill of sale and supporting documents. The supporting documents should prove the ownership of a prior buyer with registration papers or proof of insurance. Depending on the registration state, you typically receive your paperwork within four to six weeks.

Along with your registration card, you will receive two decals. The decals should adhere to each side of the boat, and you should keep the card inside the vessel. If for any reason, you move states, you will need to re-register the boat and trailer. You have 60 days to re-register your boat if it transfers locations permanently.

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