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If you like your boats to be high-performing and luxurious, then it’s time to learn more about MasterCraft! After all, the company built its reputation on crafts used for a variety of sports including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and waterskiing. If you’re a watersports enthusiast, you’ve probably already heard of MasterCraft boats.

At Skier’s Marine, we want to help you find the best boat for your requirements. One way to do that is to keep you informed about the manufacturers that dominate this market. Read on to learn more about this company! Once you’re ready to check out MasterCraft boats for sale in Alabama, Georgia or Tennessee, contact your local Skier’s Marine dealership. Our service and repair technicians are always ready to whip your boats into shape before you hit the water!

MasterCraft Boats Company History

MasterCraft was founded by Rob Shirley, a waterskiing instructor who went on to later open his own waterskiing school in Florida. In 1968 with a few friends, Shirley modified a boat and entered it in the US Nationals in Ohio. After this, he moved to Tennessee and founded the MasterCraft Boat Company which operated out of a two-horse barn.

The first year of production was slow, making only 12 boats using the modified hull design. This hull produced a small wake, which proved to be great for riders needing a both well-defined wake at trick speeds and a low and smooth wake for slalom skiing. This design soon caught the eye of many watersports enthusiasts and the company began to receive many orders. Soon enough, MasterCraft established their name as a major player in the tournament ski boat market.

At present, MasterCraft has in its employ around 400 people at its Vonore, Tennessee manufacturing plant. Here they handcraft some of the world’s best-performing boats. The company is now the largest producer of inboard ski boats, wakeboard boats, and luxury performance powerboats in the world. With 130 domestic and international dealers, MasterCraft boats are sold in 30 countries across the world.

Why Buy A MasterCraft® Boat?

Designed by experts, MasterCraft boats feature cutting-edge technology and manufactured improvements influenced by customer feedback. MasterCraft truly creates the kinds of boats that become a part of their owners’ daily lifestyles. If you have one of these beauties, you’re going to want to hit the water every single day! Whether you’re a  wakeboarder, skier, tuber, surfer or boater, MasterCraft will have a model that suits you perfectly. Each boat comes off the assembly line performance packed and held to the company’s high standards.

Owning a MasterCraft boat will make you realize that all the boats you’ve been on before were lacking something or the other. Since these boats are crafted for people who enjoy being on the boat as much as being in the water, MasterCraft makes sure to cross all its t’s and dot all its i’s. When your boat is on plane, you won’t have to use the bolster seat to see over the dash from your cockpit. A convenient clamp is always ready to hold your boards so you’re not suffering because of cords whipping around. An awesome sound system, highly durable vinyl, and loads of storage space are just a few of the perks of a MasterCraft boat.

Those who invest into a MasterCraft often become loyal to the brand! And for all the enthusiasts out there, there’s a whole range of MasterCraft apparel and lifestyle accessories that always serve to remind you of your best times on the water. You can get boards and accessories for all your fun activities and to suit whatever level you’re at since there’s a lot to choose from!

When you’re ready to check out MasterCraft boats for sale near you, contact Skier’s Marine! If you need professional boat service and repair, get in touch with our service department for more help.

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