Boat Demos | 2024 On-Water Experiences

An image depicting free boat demos at Skier's Marine

Skier’s Marine is bringing a boat demo event to a city near you this summer. Our goal this year is to host numerous boat demos each month from May to July. Discover the perfect boat for you and your family. Get behind the wheel of new models from our luxury brands and explore the latest […]

“Float Your Boat” Show | 2021

The Float Your Boat Show hosted at Skier's Marine.

2020 was a bummer so let’s fast forward to this summer! It’s true – most traditional boat shows have been canceled for the 2021 season. But Skier’s Marine is open and we have created a customized boat show experience tailored just for you! The “Float Your Boat” Show.  From now through February 7th, we invite […]

In-House Boat Show | Oct. 23, 2021

Are you looking for a new boat at a fair price? In today’s current market conditions finding a boat is hard enough; even harder if you are looking for a fair price! With inventory levels at record lows, many dealers are taking advantage by drastically raising their prices. After 26 years of experience, Skier’s Marine […]

2021 Women On the Water Dates Announced

Get excited ladies, because we have an event just for you – join us this summer for Women on the Water 2021! Our goal at Skier’s Marine is to be your education resource as you build your legacy on the water with your family. That’s why we’re inviting you to come join us this summer […]

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